Innovative Machine Elements

Lecture: Innovative Machine Elements

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IM – Innovative Machine Elements

Lecturer Type and scope of the lecture
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Kirchner 4 hours per week (lecture + practice)
Lecture Exercise
Lecture in winter semester
Th 08:00 – 09:40
Th 09:50 – 11:30
Language of lecture and exam is German.


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Main target of the lecture is to convey the basic design principles, dimensioning rules and structural analysis of conventional and „smart“ machine elements in the following areas:

  1. Failure models and fatigue assessment
  2. Advanced rolling bearing technology
  3. Leading screws and linear drives
  4. Journal bearings
  5. Involute gears
  6. Bevel gears
  7. Worm gears
  8. Planetary gears
  9. Friction clutches
  10. Chain and belt drives

The syllabus exceeds the normal textbook content and includes new research results on each topic available progress reports on sensor integration concepts of the research teams “Sensing Machine Elements” and “eTribosystems”.


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Information, lecture notes and supplementary materials are available on the e-learning platform Moodle (Moodle_TU_Darmstadt) of the course “Innovative Machine Elements”.

Sustainability relevance of the course content

The lecture enables the students to design machine elements resource-saving and in line with requirements. In addition, the possibilities of condition monitoring for machine elements by using their mechanical and electric properties will be shown. So, the optimal operational time of the components can be approached. Furthermore, the basic requirements for machine elements in e-mobility powertrains will be provided.

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