WMPE – Tools and Methods of Product Development

Lecture: WMPE – Tools and Methods of Product Development

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WMPE – Tools and Methods of Product Development

Lecturer Type and scope of the lecture
Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Kirchner 4 hours per week (2 Lecture + 2 Practice)
Language: German
Lecture Exercise
Fridays 11:40 am to 1:20 pm
L1|01 24K

First lecture: 19.04.2024
Fridays 8:00 to 9:40 am or 9:50 to 11:30 am
L1|01 73
Exercise registration until 15.04.2024 via Moodle
First exercise: 19.04.2024
Information on the examination date and form will be announced via Moodle.
  1. Product development in practice
  2. Planning of products
  3. Defining of products
  4. Defining and managing of projects
  5. Developing of new products
  6. Ensuring product quality
  7. Developing safe products
  8. Reducing product costs
  9. Controlling the flood of variants
  10. Development and use of prototypes
  11. Global development and production
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On 26.04. there will be an additional lecture from 09:50 to 11:30 in room L1|01 24K. On this day, both exercise groups will take place once at 8:00 a.m. On 09.05. and 31.05.2024 no lectures and exercises will be held.


The aim of the lecture “Tools and Methods in Product Development” is to teach students the basics, procedures and methods of modern product development. The lecture contents are explained using many practical examples.


The exercise is designed in such a way that the students can apply the contents taught in the lecture to an example product themselves. For this purpose, teams of 4 to 6 students work independently on development tasks. In addition to teaching methodological skills, the course focuses on expanding social skills such as teamwork, self-motivation, communication and self-criticism. Furthermore, the creativity of the participants is encouraged through the processing of the exercise tasks.


  • E. Kirchner: Werkzeuge und Methoden der Produktentwicklung, Springer, 2020
  • B. Bender, K. Gericke: Pahl/Beitz Konstruktionslehre, Springer, 2021


Further Information and documents of the lecture as well as supplementary materials can be found on the e-learning platform Moodle (Moodle TU Darmstadt) under the course “Werkzeuge und Methoden der Produktentwicklung”.

Last updated: Summer semester 2024 (06.03.2024)

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Kirchner


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64287 Darmstadt

Michel Fett M.Sc.

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Sensing Machine Elements


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