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Self-understanding: Research at the pmd

Currently the institute product development and machine elements is doing research on additive manufacturing, mechatronic machine elements and smart bearings. Via industrial cooperations theoretical and experimentally gained fundamentals are transferred into practice. In the industry new products and improved processes are achievable using the innovative procedures. Furthermore, innovative sensory concepts are developed using mechatronic machine elements. Thus new opportunities in the field of measurement technique are created like close-to-process monitoring applying force measuring roller bearings.

Corinna Niedermeier,
external doctoral candidate at the pmd

As an external doctoral candidate, the current research in the field of additive manufacturing excited me at pmd. During my master's degree, I discovered my interest in research and development in the field of additive manufacturing, product development and drive technology. My concern is to be visible especially as a woman in engineering and to be a role model for tech-savvy young women. As part of my doctorate, I would like to delve deeper into research, create cross-university exchange and drive innovation.

Maximilian Hausmann,
WiMi at the pmd

During my studies and especially during my master's thesis, I discovered my enthusiasm for research and the technology of additive manufacturing, which motivated me to do a doctorate in this field. What I appreciate about working at the TU Darmstadt is, on the one hand, the versatile opportunities to examine the theoretical considerations and approaches in practice myself and, on the other hand, the exchange with colleagues within mechanical engineering as well as interdisciplinary.

Marco Noack,
WiMi at the pmd

During my several years as a student research assistant, I was able to get to know the pmd and the research area "Additive Manufacturing" in particular. During this time, I also had the desire to deal more intensively with the technologies and potentials of additive manufacturing, which is why I decided to do a doctorate in this area at pmd. Within the framework of this, it is now possible for me to set my own research priorities and to work on the most current research questions in exchange with my colleagues.

What are the reasons for a doctorate?

Today, a doctorate is an important prerequisite for an academic career or for an employment in research and development. Careers at universities as a (junior) professor or as a scientist in institutions like the Fraunhofer Institute and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) are opened up. These attractive areas are rounded off by middle and senior management career opportunities.

The Institute for Product Development and Machine Elements offers the opportunity to get to know a variety of topics. Topics in the areas of development of and with machine elements, additive manufacturing or integrated product development sound very interesting? We offer projects and tasks with different focus and a lot of scope for co-design and contributing to improvement. In this way we support overcoming the challenges of the future -- We engineer future.

Research Assistant vacancies

Currently no news available.

Unsolicited applications

If you are looking for a doctoral position, you can always submit a speculative application to the department. The more specific you are in your information, the higher the probability of success. So please do not just write where you studied and with what average; that is almost irrelevant. Describe your knowledge and skills as well as your interests. But also be open and mention research topics that do not excite you at all from the field of product development and machine elements.

Above all, a speculative application must give the impression of being specifically formulated seeking a position at pmd. This means that you should respond to our research topics and be specific. As a rule, you will not receive a reply to speculative applications that do not make a concrete reference to the subject area; please understand this. If you want me to process your application fairly, then I must also write to you honestly about what I expect.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Kirchner

Julius van der Kuip,
HiWi at the pmd

With its wide variety of different tasks, challenges and opportunities, the pmd offers a great environment to get to know many new topics as a student assistant and to deepen the knowledge. In my work in the research area eTribosystems, I have the opportunity to carry out measurements on the Athene test bench as well as to write MATLAB programmes or have exciting discussions with colleagues. I also really appreciate the positive and motivated atmosphere at the institute. It's a lot of fun to work there and to take on responsibility.

Student Research Assistant vacancies