Development of sustainable products

Development of sustainable products

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Development of sustainable products

Lecturer Form and scope of the lecture
Dr.-Ing. Kai Lindow 2 hours per week (1 Lecture + 1 Exercise)
Language: German
Lecture Exercise
Fridays 11:40 am to 01:20 pm

First lecture: 20.10.2023
The lecture on 27.10.2023 will take place in presence in room L1|10 113.
Fridays 01:30 pm to 03:10 pm

First exercise: 10.11.2023
  • Project in the exercises, which is worked on during the semester on the exercise dates. The results are presented in the plenum on the last date of the course.
  • Combined oral and written examination in January 2024. Date to be announced.
  1. Sustainable development over the entire product life cycle.
  2. DfX (Design for X) for development of sustainable products
  3. Tools and databases for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  4. Design dependencies: relationships between design parameters and sustainability impacts
  5. Data-based approaches
  6. Digital twins for the development of sustainable products
  7. Contribution of product development to the circular economy
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The aim of the lecture “Development of sustainable products” is to teach students importance of the development phase on sustainability. Solutions in methodology, organisation and data management will be addressed and revised with different examples.


In the exercises, the knowledge from the lecture will be put to use in a project, in which the students are tasked to re-design a product of their own choice in order to make it sustainable.


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Further information and documents of the lecture as well as supplementary materials can be found on the e-learning platform Moodle under the course “Entwicklung nachhaltiger Produkte”.

Last updated: Summer semester 2023 (12.09.2023)

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