Collaboration Models

Collaboration Models

The following models of collaboration between industry and the institute for product development and machine elements have proven successful:

  • Bachelor or master thesis
  • Contracts on a specific project
  • Long term contracts providing a project base
  • Public funded industrial research

Qualification Work

Students of the TU Darmstadt work on a practice-relevant task with joint support from the industrial partner and research associates.

Contract for Single Projects

A project-specific contract will be concluded which deals with the research subject, responsibilities, property rights and publications.

Long Term Contract as Project Framework

A contract based on medium to long-term cooperation regulates the scope of possible projects. The individual agreements refer to the framework agreement and can be concluded comparatively flexibly.

Publicly Funded Industrial Research

With appropriate complexity, public funding is possible; the applicant should be the industrial partner. Agency support for the grant application can be arranged.


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