Current projects


Additive manufacturing of components with integrated conductors

Status quo

In numerous fields of application (e.g. energy technology), the density of functions and the individuality of the products are rising sharply due to the increase in customer benefits. Due to the already complex geometries of the products, the integration of electrical conductors, for example, is not possible or only possible with considerable additional effort. Additively manufactured components with integrated conductors enable the production of these complex geometries and therefore allow the development of novel products.

Aim of the project

The pioneer fund project aims to extend the additive manufacturing process to include conductors in the component during assembly. For this purpose, the conductor is connected as a filament to the partially finished component in an initial connection step. Further integration takes place simultaneously with the additive assembly of the component. This manufacturing process allows the continuous filament to be routed as desired within the component and thus the flexible routing of energies and signals within the component as well as the flexible positioning of the assigned interfaces.

The expansion of the manufacturing process enables the flexible, customisable design of components, e.g. with electrical cables and hoses in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. In particular for the successful implementation of smart components in the form of smart metering systems for energy supply in the context of the energy transition.

Figure 1: Innovative, integrally manufactured component