350 kW Large Gearbox Test Bench – EFRE

The aim is to validate new condition monitoring approaches of large industrial gearboxes. The large gearbox test bench can be used to examine large industrial gearboxes with a rated power of 350 kW. The test rig is built on an air-sprung foundation, surrounded by an enclosure and can be controlled from an external workstation. The department uses the test stand to research sensing machine elements and their use for condition monitoring in gearboxes. In addition, the test stand's metrological equipment allows comprehensive monitoring of the gearbox, which can also be flexibly expanded.

Technical data Measurands
350 kW rated power Vibration
Speeds up to 10.000 1/min Speed
Torques up to 1080 Nm Torque
4-quadrant operation Temperature
Torque and speed control
Measurement technology flexibly expandable

This project is half financed by the European Union within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Funding is provided for the establishment and operation of competence and application centres at universities and research institutions.