Laser Powder Bed Fusion – EOS M 290

The additive manufacturing process Laser Powder Bed Fusion enables the production of metal components directly from CAD data. With the fiber laser of the EOS M290, the cross-section of a component to be manufactured is melted by selective laser beam melting in a powder bed. The sequential production of several cross-sections results in three-dimensional components. The layer thickness is 0.03 mm, which allows a high resolution to be achieved even for geometrically complex components. The department researches the potential of this technology and develops methods that support the developer already during the concept phase of product development to better utilize the potentials of additive manufacturing.

Technical data
250 x 250 x 325 mm³ building volume
400 W laser power
Up to 7 m/s laser scan speed
100 μm laser beam diameter
0.03 mm typical layer thickness
Metal powder: AlSi10Mg