Machine Elements in Vehicle Transmissions

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Tutorial Machine Elements in Vehicle Transmissions

Supervising employee Extent of the event
Steffen Puchtler 1 week full time
Tutorial Remarks
Tutorial in the winter semester
Date: 09.10. – 13.10.2023
Location: L1|10 112 und 113
Minimum attendance: 8
Closing date: 31.08.2023
Registration by email to contact person (see below)
Language of lecture and exam is German


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By participating in the “Tutorial Machine Components in Vehicle Transmissions” the contents of the lectures Innovative Machine Elements and Dimensioning and Optimization of Vehicle Transmissions are deepened and consolidated. The tutorial will focus on the function of transmissions as converters, on questions of operating comfort as well as questions of assembly including ergonomic aspects. The priority lies on the analysis of exercised examples and the anticipation of the background of constructive details.

The following topics will be focused on during the attendance time:

  • External analysis of the transmissions and elaborating the resulting questions and tasks on macroscopic properties of transmissions
  • Disassembly of the transmissions and identification of machine components and their respective functions
  • Preparation of line sketches as abstraction of the transmissions, saw-tooth diagrams and tensile force diagrams
  • Reassembly of the transmissions and recognition of assembly-oriented design details

The tutorial will conclude with a colloquium, which is expected to take place two weeks after the tutorial.


The tutorials grade consists of three different parts:

  • The execution of the experiments including preparation, cooperation, understanding, commitment, etc.
  • Written report and test documentation
  • Colloquium

Operational safety

The work and investigations carried out on the transmissions are accompanied by a certain risk of injury, which must be reduced as far as possible. Therefore, safety clothing consisting of safety shoes, gloves and, if necessary, protective goggles is mandatory. Gloves and goggles are provided by the pmd; safety shoes must be provided by the participant. Due to the work with oily components, appropriate clothing is recommended.

The tutorial will take place in compliance with the current Corona guidelines of the TU Darmstadt.


It is recommended to have already attended the lectures Innovative Machine Elements and Dimensioning and Optimization of Vehicle Transmissions in order to properly understand the contents of the tutorial. However, there is no formal requirement.


Information, lecture notes and supplementary materials are available on the e-learning platform Moodle (Moodle_TU_Darmstadt) of the course “Tutorial Machine Elements in Vehicle Transmissions”.

Contact Person

Steffen Puchtler M.Sc.

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work +49 6151 16-21183

Work L1|01 244
Otto-Berndt-Straße 2
64287 Darmstadt