Innovative Maschinenelemente II

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Innovative Maschinenelemente II

1. Powertrain Architectures – Conventional, Hybrid and Electric Drive Systems

2. Vehicle Transmission – System properties

Opel transmission F17

Opel transmission F40

Opel transmission M22

Opel transmission M32

3. Torsional Dampening Systems

4. Components and Power Flow in Synchronized Layshaft Transmissions

5. Dry Launch Clutch and Apply System, Dual Clutch Systems


6. Spur Gear Transmissions

7. Automotive Shift Systems

Shift System


8. Aspects of Comfort of Manual Transmissions

9. Sensors and Actuators in Vehicle Transmissions

10. Torque Converter

Torque Converter

11. Planetary Gears

12. Power Transfer in Automatic Transmissions

13. Differentials and Torque Distributing Subsystems

14. Hybrid and electric mobility