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ARPs – Advanced Research Projects

Target group

The ARP is part of the new master degree program. The seminar is generally recommendable for all students who are going to write their master thesis soon.


As part of the ARP “Theory of Product Development” at pmd, scientific issues are treated in order to gain new insights.

In contrast to bachelor theses, where students gather concrete and specific results, the ARP concentrates on knowledge that is gathered by means of, for example, drawing conclusions as well as making and validating hypotheses and that has an universal character. The questions are formulated openly and have a fundamental character.


Working on a scientific question and gaining knowledge requires intensive discussions. Therefore, a group of participants should work together, even if they deal with different questions concerning the same topic. Similarly, a close coordination of participants and supervisors is required. That is why they meet regularly within the scope of the ARP and discuss how the matters stand at the moment and whether it is necessary to put questions or procedure in concrete terms or customize them.


The findings which are developed as part of the ARP are summarized in a scientific report. The results are presented and critically discussed in a final colloquium.


The questions of the ARP are always concerned with current research topics of our institute which are of elementary interest to the supervisors.


  • The participation in the ARP gives students 6 CPs.
  • The research seminar takes 2 to 3 months time.
  • You must register for it personally at the pmd secretary's office.
  • The meetings take place on agreed dates, usually at weekly intervals.
  • The mark results from the assessment of the solution of the task, the report and the presentation of the gained results.