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ADPs – Advanced Design Projects


Within the scope of the ADP (Advanced Design Project) at pmd, tasks which are as interesting, current and practical as possible should be dealt with in a real environment independently. Thus, cooperation with industry enterprises is strived for and useful results are expected.

Realization of the ADP

To meet the challenging objective, the general guidelines for ADPs were clarified at pmd like this:

  • team size: 4 to 8 participants
  • duration of the ADP: ca. 2 months, it is preferred to work on the task during the lecture period
  • time involved: 80 to 100 hours per participant
  • intensive support by a scientific researcher
  • you work mainly in Darmstadt, whereas the cooperation with the enterprises may take place in local workshops.

Prerequisites for participation

The coping with the complexity of the task requires that the participants work on subtasks independently and on their own responsibly in a relatively short time. Therefore, a sound knowledge in the subject “product development” and experience in the treatment of larger projects are required.