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pmd – Your partner for a successful product development

Our department pmd strives for a practical and application-oriented transfer of its research results. For this reason, we are pursuing intensive project work with industrial partners as well as partners from the scientific community.

Cooperation projects

  • We work in a team to develop new products by means of product development methods
  • We improve existing products and processes
  • We look at the processes on the customer's and producer's site
  • We deliver understandable results

Goals of the industry projects are:

  • to reduce the development time
  • to find development potential
  • to generate innovative products and processes

Consulting projects

  • We introduce the development engineers into the methodology (training phase)
  • The development engineers practise the methodology with training examples from their daily practice (practice phase)
  • We support the development engineers in a specific product development (coaching phase)

Goals of the consulting projects are:

  • to put the development engineers in a position to work efficiently and effectively by using the methods in their future developments
  • to improve the work culture in the development departments permanently
  • to develop competitive products and processes in industrial enterprises


Please contact us, if you are interested in a project. We look forward to explore the possibilities for a certain project together with you.

If your are interested in a specific project, you can contact our scientific staff in the different research areas directly. For general inquiries, feel free to contact our .