Methodological Product Development

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Methodological Product Development

The research group Methodological Product Development engages with the topic of designing products according to requirements. This is implemented in the field of research, education and in collaborative projects with industrial partners. The research group works on Hygenic Design and Robust Design.

Hygienic Design

Product designers of food processing machinery face the challenge to fulfil product functions under condition to satisfy hygienic requirements. Guidelines of Hygienic Design support designers during the phase of embodiment design or detailing by giving information about possibilities to minimize the risk of contamination, which does not fully exploit the potentials of Hygienic Design since these guidelines are not considered for early phases. They mainly contain figurative illustrations as examples that show design suggestions for specific components. Applying these guidelines to other components is not sufficiently possible since they mainly describe the individual detailing. Developing machines, which cannot be included in any category of the existing Hygienic Design guidelines, is therefore very difficult.

The Hygienic Design research claims a new framework for the generalization of the Hygienic Design guidelines. On the one hand, this frameworks aims at the transferability of the guidelines to other components; on the other hand, this approach intends at the support of designers in earlier phases of the product development. The goal is to modify the principles of Hygienic Design to support designers methodically at each phase of the product development process. The basis of this approach is a systematic analysis of use processes.

Robust Design

The Robust Design work group is part of the Collaborative Research Centre 805 “Control of Uncertainty in Load-Carrying Structures in Mechanical Engineering”. Their goal is to develop methods that support the designer in the systematic development of robust products.

Current topics:

  • Models and methods for a quantitative description of uncertainties and their influence on the life circle of technical systems
  • UMEA – Heuristic method for analysis and assessment of uncertainties in technical systems of mechanical engineering
  • Methodology for the design of systems with optimum uncertainty solutions
  • Modelling of uncertainty and its propagation within the life circle of technical systems by means of possibility theory

Here you find information about the CRC805: “Control of Uncertainty in Load-Carrying Structures in Mechanical Engineering”.