Abgeschlossene Forschungsbereiche

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Products not only have to meet technical requirements for their functional performance but also have to satisfy ecological, economic and social requirements. The EcoDesign team offers assistance in solving such problems by giving methodological support for the development of sustainable products. details

Human Behavioral Design

The research group “Design” is concerned with the influence of human factors on the product development. Thereby, methods are tested for their capability to support cognitive and social-psychological activities and processes. details


The research group “Pinngate” aims to provide an integrated teaching, learning and application system which should support different users with qualitative contents and tools in product development in an individual and flexible way. details

Sheet Metal Design


Scientists from different disciplines, comprising mechanical engineering, materials science, mathematics and architecture, affiliated the Collaborative Research Center 666 (CRC 666) to explore new integral sheet metal constructions realised by linear flow splitting. An essential goal of the CRC 666 was to develop holistic methods and tools supporting a manufacturing integrated product development along all development phases from customer requirements to the finished product. details

Antifriction Bearings

The research of the group “Antifriction Bearings” focuses on the development of a life theory for solid lubricated antifriction bearings. details