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The research group EcoDesign engaged with the topic of designing sustainable products. This is implemented in the field of research, education and in collaborative projects with industrial partners.


For more than 15 years the research group EcoDesign investigated the field of sustainable product design. Based on the Collaborative Research Centre 392 “Design for Environment – Methods and Tools” and the Transfer Research Center 55 „Environmental friendly products through optimized processes, methods and instruments in product design” the competences of the research group EcoDesign was continuously expanded by performing research on current topics. The objective was to develop a methodology for product designers, which facilitates the systematic design of sustainable products.

Research topics:

  • Methodical development of product-service-systems
  • Development of energy efficient products
  • Development of resource efficient products
  • Design for recycling
  • Integrated property management
  • Social sustainability of products

Industrial projects

With thelong-time expertise and competence in methodology we supported industrial partners in developing environmentally sound and market-driven products.

Amongst others we offer:

  • Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs)
  • Implementation of EcoDesign-strategies
  • Creative workshops on the ecological improvement of products
  • EcoDesign-trainings

Here you receive further information on the Transfer Research Sector 55. „Umweltgerechte Produkte durch optimierte Prozesse, Methoden und Instrumente in der Produktentwicklung“.

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