Human Behavioral Design

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Human Behavioral Design Research Group

  • Problem identification and implementation of improvement measures
  • Process structuring
  • Trainings for executive personnel
  • Recommended methods for the product development process
  • Feedback: detailed feedback to executives and project managers with the help of observations from the real environment. A chance for executives to reflect and further develop their own management behaviour.
  • Individual coaching: Interviews give people the opportunity to discuss decisive management situations in the sense of coaching with an expert. This way, the examined people get alternative points of view at the problem as well as impulses for new behaviour alternatives.
  • Self-reflection: Instruments are given to the executives so that they can describe and analyse their own behaviour in decisive management situations in a simple way. Thus, the own behaviour reflection and optimisation is possible at the end of the analysis as well.
  • Training: the observed people get several days of training in which theoretical concepts are imparted and management behaviour can be trained in practical situations. The observation phase carried out before makes it possible to adjust the training exactly to the needs and situation of the examined people. Thus, the greatest possible profit is guarantied to the participants of the training.