Sheet Metal Design

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Sheet Metal Design

Scientists from different disciplines, comprising mechanical engineering, materials science, mathematics and architecture, affiliated the Collaborative Research Center 666 (CRC 666) to explore new integral sheet metal constructions realised by linear flow splitting. An essential goal of the CRC 666 was to develop holistic methods and tools supporting a manufacturing integrated product development along all development phases from customer requirements to the finished product.

Comprehensive research to the manufacturing technology linear flow splitting led to an extensive amount of knowledge about how to realise “Integral Sheet Metal Design with Higher Order Bifurcations”. Due to the fact, that this knowledge addresses products as well as processes at the same time, a new way of developing and realising innovative technical solutions was established. A paradigm change was initiated, addressing product development, manufacturing and furthermore all other participating disciplines within a comprehensive procedure for realizing innovative product and process solutions.

The Collaborative Research Center 666 summarised the basics, characteristics and effects of the new design paradigm in a book named “Manufacturing Integrated Design“. It bundles the essential scientific insights of each participating discipline and combines them to an comprehensive design approach for realising innovation as a synthesis of the product and its life cycle processes.

The book „Manufacturing Integrated Design“, edited by Peter Groche, Enrico Bruder and Sebastian Gramlich, is available at Springer: Homepage of Springer

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